New Testament Survey
August 2021

This course is an overview of the four Gospels portraying the life of Christ. The book of Acts is used as a historical framework for study of the earlier New Testament letters and as introduction to its later letters and to its climax. Application of the New Testament’s teachings to our individual and corporate lives as believers is maintained throughout.

Course Objectives

  • to develop basic knowledge of The Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, Paul’s epistles, the general epistles, and the book of Revelation
  • to understand the basic doctrines of the gospel
  • to develop an understanding of how to apply the basic doctrines of the gospel
  • to understand the interrelatedness and unity of the Old Testament and New Testament

Course Schedule

  • Week One | Sunday, Aug 1 – Saturday, Aug 8
  • Week Two | Sunday, Aug 9 – Saturday, Aug 14
  • Week Three | Sunday, Aug 15 – Saturday, Aug 21
  • Week Four | Sunday, Aug 22 – Saturday, Aug 28

Course Opens | Monday, Aug 2 @ 9:00 am CST. All Fall 2021 courses will remain virtual until further notice.

Jordan Reynolds


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