C. H. Mason Jurisdictional Institutes | MS Southern First Jurisdiction

Spring/Fall 22

If you have submitted an application and have not received an email confirmation, please check your spam. Feel free to contact us via email for additional assistance.

Before You Begin

The application should only be completed if you are enrolling in the Ordination & Licensure or Laity certificate programs.

Single course students, be sure to select “Single Course” in the application below.   

Applicants: The enrollment application can be completed online (below), or applicants can download the application and mail it along with the one-time Application Fee of $30.00 to:

Attn: Billy Brown, Assistant Dean
P O BOX 2618
Jackson, MS 39207

Next Steps: Once the application has been received, the application will be reviewed by the CHMJI-MSFEJ Office of Admissions; please check your email for confirmation letter.

Applicants accepted for enrollment will be assessed a one-time Administrative Fee of $25.00 which will be due (along with course tuition fees) prior to the first course lecture, unless otherwise stated.

All CHMJI-MSFEJ courses are based on the C. H. Mason Jurisdictional Institute’s course descriptions and use of approved textbooks. Each student is financially responsible for obtaining course textbook(s). It is recommended students purchase the textbook(s) that are listed within the course syllabus.

As of January 4, 2022 all classes will be held online via the CHMJI-MSFEJ Distance Learning platform.  It is therefore recommended that prospective students who do not have internet access via a desktop, laptop, or mobile device, carefully consider this mandate before completing the application.

Please feel free to email us at helpdesk@msccem.com. 


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Ordination Candidates Only