Certificate Programs

CHMJI-MSFEJ offers students two (2) Certificate Programs:  Ordination & Licensure (must meet ordination candidate enrollment requirements) and Laity.  Each program provides a program of study beneficial for the further development in leadership and respective ministry roles throughout the Church of God In Christ.

Note:  Jurisdictional Institutes operate throughout the worldwide Church of God in Christ. A student may begin studies in one jurisdiction and complete the program within another. The studies are uniform for all schools. A Certificate of Completion will be issued to each student upon completion of each course. When a student transfers to another site, he/she should present Certificates of Completion for courses taken. The local school will issue this certification and a copy of the names will be sent to the office of the National Director.

Ordination & Licensure Certificate Program

The purpose of the COGIC Ordination & Licensure Certificate is to provide foundational knowledge and skills in core practical, historical, and academic areas. The certificate, at the discretion of Jurisdictional Bishops and Supervisors, may be used as the prerequisite for ordination & licensure. This certificate will also serve as a means of professional development and personal enrichment for other persons. Enrollment Open to Licensed Ministers/Ministers only. Pastor’s recommendation required.

Total Number of Courses: 10

Total Number of Hours: 120

Laity Certificate Program

The purpose of the Laity Certificate is to provide foundational scriptural knowledge and teaching regarding the importance of the role of a responsible layman in the Body of Christ. Enrollment open to all. 

Total Number of Courses: 10

Total Number of Hours: 120

General Enrollment Topics


There is no educational pre-requisite for the certificate programs. The minimum age for all applicants is eighteen (18) years of age. Exceptions to this rule may be made for an applicant who shows evidence of spiritual maturity and stability, as recommended by the Dean and/or Jurisdictional Bishop.

Tuition & Fees

Prior to enrolling, it is the responsibility of each applicant to assess the financial requirements necessary for matriculation in the CH Mason Jurisdictional Institute.

  • Application Fee $30.00 (one-time assessment)
  • Administrative Fees $25.00 (one-time assessment)
  • Course Fees $75.00 (per course)

Estimated Cost of 2-year Program (without textbooks) $805


Tuition Deadlines

Course fees may be paid per course, or per semester. If paying per course, course fees are due prior to the first session of each course. 

If paying per semester, course fees are due no later than the beginning of the first session of the second course of that semester.

Any course fee not remitted by the 15th of the month during the course will incur an additional $10 late fee. Students who are delinquent on course fees after the beginning of the first session of the second course of that semester, will not be allowed to advance to the next course(s) until the account is paid in full.

Students experiencing financial hardships during the 2-year program should immediately discuss a plan of action with the Office of Administration.

Textbooks & Materials

Each student is financially responsible for obtaining course textbooks/material. It is recommended students purchase the textbook/materials that are listed within the course syllabus. 

Textbooks can be purchased through the COGIC Publishing House or vendors such as Amazon, bookstores, etc.

Attendance Policy
  • Students are encouraged to attend class as regularly scheduled. Students must attend at least three (3) of the four (4) lectures for a course.
  • Students must be visible and active participants during lecture sessions.
  • If a student is unable to attend a lecture, it is the responsibility of the student to contact the instructor and CHMJI-MSFEJ Support Team, or the Assistant Dean within 48 hours of the scheduled lecture date.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to contact the instructor for any allowances
    regarding missed assignments, quizzes, or exams.
  • The replay of each weekly lecture is available the Sunday following the lecture. Please note that the a replay of lectures does not count towards class participation grade when a session is missed unless
    otherwise specified by the course instructor or Dean.

All classes will be held online via the CHMJI-MSFEJ Distance Learning platform. It is therefore recommended that prospective students who do not have internet access via a desktop, laptop, or mobile device, carefully consider this mandate before completing the application.

Ordination & Licensure Candidates

All ministers (Ordination & Licensure Candidates are required to complete the Pastor’s Letter of Recommendation form  (to be completed by the Pastor of your local church or his appointee only).

For more information, please consult your local pastor or email us at helpdesk@msccem.com.