Pastoral Care & Counseling

Students will learn techniques and theories for effective interpersonal and group counseling.

Leadership Principles

This course examines the essence of what characterizes a leader, as well as how a leader influences the development of future leaders. Students will learn the importance of developing their leadership styles and of helping develop future leaders.

Church Administration

This course will examine all phases of church administration: pastoral management, goal setting, prioritization and time management, the delegation of authority, accounting, and decision
making. This course will focus on the practical application of thee administrative responsibilities.

Homiletics & Sermon Preparation

Students will learn to examine techniques, principles, and standard practices in the delivery of sermons. Students will practice delivering sermons.

Evangelism & Witnessing

Students will examine some of the key methods that are employed in group evangelism, planning, evangelistic crusades, conducting public witnessing campaigns, and programs.

Effective Stewardship

This course will examine the practical theology of stewardship that connects it to the visible manifestation of the comprehensive rule of God over every aspect of life.