MAR 12




Dr. Robert L. Mack, Jr.

Dr. Robert L. Mack, Jr. is a man of God whose service manifests both in the sacred and in the secular communities. He believes that even the secular becomes sacred when the sons of God are functioning in purpose. 

In the Secular… A native of Jackson, Mississippi, Robert L. Mack, Jr. was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in chemistry and a minor in mathematics at Dillard University (New Orleans, LA). He later received the Master of Science degree in Educational Leadership and the Doctorate of Philosophy concentrating on Educational Leadership and Administration at Jackson State University (Jackson, MS). Dr. Mack has also received educational leadership certifications through Fordham University and Columbia University (New York, New York) and Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts).
Dr. Mack is the president and chief executive officer of R. L. Mack Consulting, LLC., an educational consulting firm which provides support to multiple school districts throughout the State of Mississippi. He has over thirty years of experience in the field of education. He is a former chemistry, physics, and mathematics teacher. His span of mathematics instruction includes kindergarten to calculus. He has also served in the capacity of assistant principal, principal, principal coach and district-level director of curriculum and instruction. Dr. Mack has provided statewide and national consultancy in a vast array of venues, including the Psychological Corporation (San Antonio, TX), Mississippi State University (PREPS), the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and the Mississippi Department of Education.

In the Sacred… An ambassador of the Kingdom of God, Dr. Mack is a spiritual man. He received Jesus Christ as Savior at 9:00 p.m. on January 28, 1983 on the Dillard University campus. He was later licensed and ordained as a minister of the gospel at the Abundant Life Bible Fellowship (Jackson, Mississippi). He served in many capacities including assistant pastor, worship leader, men’s ministry director, and a bible class
teacher. He presently fellowships with the World Overcomers Ministries Church family, where LeYonn Armstrong is pastor. He faithfully serves as a ministry board member, men’s ministry director, adjunct bible school teacher, and community food outreach ministry volunteer.

The Most Sacred… Believing that charity and true ministry are qualified and quantified at home, Dr. Mack is a blessed husband and father. He has been married to the love of his life – Sophia Williams Mack- for thirty-one years. They are the favored parents of three: Courtnie, Kaelyn, and Caleb.

Above and beyond all else, Robert L. Mack, Jr. is a man who loves God and who lives daily to please Him!