Leadership Conference 2024 – January 13th 

Clinician · Leadership Conference 2023

Pastor Rigel Robinson

About the Clinician


Elder Robinson is an author, pastor, educator, clinician, and life coach, with service to the church and community spanning 45 years. He has worked with seven different reformations helping to build ministries in youth departments, evangelism, Christian education, and auxiliary leadership. He has been married to Sandra P Robinson for 33 years and they have five children.


He is the pastor of Empowered To Live Ministry and has served as District Evangelist for Districts 11 and 14. He has also served as the primary clinician for the Department of Evangelism, MSFEJ under the leadership of  Superintendent Kippy Paige

He has been a public school educator for the last 25 years serving the Jackson community.

Presently, he also works as a Resident Advisor for Methodist Children Homes. He has just returned from Busia, Kenya where he served as a guest speaker at their leadership conference.


Elder Robinson is a man driven by three passions:

(1) adding value to people

(2)strong biblical teaching and preaching

(3)commitment to personal and spiritual growth

His motto is, “Leaders influence and inspire”.

Undergirding and Re-Casting the Vision

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