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Sister Angela Moore

About the Clinician

Angela Moore is the proud daughter of retired educators John Willis and the late Ann Willis. She has been working with children of various ages for over 25 years. She grew up in a family that inspired her to go into the education field upon graduating from high school. Angela has a passion for touching the lives of young people, whether it be natural or spiritual.

Angela attended Alcorn State University where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. After graduation,  she accepted a teaching position and taught for one year in the VicksburgWarren School District. Once leaving Vicksburg, Angelataught for over ten years in the Claiborne County School District. Then, one day she decided it was time to return to her hometown of Brookhaven, and has been teaching there for the last eighteen years. Shortly after moving back home, Angela decided to further her education and graduated with a Masters in Elementary Education from William Carey University. All those experiences have foraged a life of commitment and dedication to our worlds greatest asset, our children.

As a teenager and young adult, Angela worked faithfully within her local home church. Once she returned as an adult, she became more involved within her local church, district, and jurisdiction. She has served in various capacities, serving wherever she is needed and always willing to give a helping hand. But anyone who knows her knows that she has a special love for the youth. Locally, she serves as Sunday School teacher, Special Programs Coordinator, Member of the Youth Department Team, Purity Lady, and Church Liaison just to name a few. To her, it’s all about kingdom building. In the Sunday School Department, she is the Sunday School Field Representative for District #7 and serves as the MS Southern 1st Sunday School Executive Secretary. Angela also serves as president of the jurisdictional Single and Saved Ministry after the unexpected death of her husband. 

Angela was married to the late Pastor Garrett La Juan Moore and has one beautiful daughter, Kaitlin. Angela isfaithful member of Mary Temple COGIC in Brookhaven, MS. As a fourth-generation COGIC member, she strongly believes that she is blessed and successful due to her faith in God and the prayers of the saints.

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